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This past weekend we had the honor of participating in the 2017 Global Whitelist discussion and were represented by our Platinum Manager, Mallory. For those of you that were not able to listen in, no final decision was reached regarding changes for this season. UGC fully supports the idea of a Global Whitelist and most importantly, will always do what we think is the best for the community. With Season 23 starting in less than a week, we are not able to wait for the Global Whitelist to be finalized. We are trying to be cognizant of what the community wants, and in that spirit we have decided to reuse the 2016 Global Whitelist with a few minor adjustments. We believe these changes are in alignment with the desire of our players.
The changes are as follows:
1. The Rescue Ranger will no longer be allowed in competitive play due to its unpopularity.
2. The Dalokohs Bar will now be allowed in competitive play due to its recent bug fix from Valve.
Following this season we will be hosting our own weapons poll to make sure we remain in alignment with what our players want. We will be continuing our collaboration with, so if you use the whitelist script your whitelist should update automatically. If not, you can find the updated whitelist on our downloads page.
Thank You,
UGC Head Admin

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Get Ready For Season 23! Important Dates Wednesday, January 25th - Week 1 of 6v6 Season 23 Thursday, February 2nd –


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Congratulations to all of our Season 22 6v6 champions! Thank you to everyone for making this a fantastic season! Platinum Champions the boys (NA) Systematic Chaos (EU)


3 Pac's Transcende

Arm-sized thumbs

Bald and Brash

boar and the pigle

Bring Back The Fun


hijabi boys


Pause Reality

smile face thing

  • New Team Sign-Ups for 6v6 Season 22 are OPEN.
  • 6v6 Season 22 begins Sept 21, 2016
  • 6v6 Season 22 8 Regular Season weeks, 3 Playoff Weeks.
  • Sat, Dec 17 - New Team Sign-Ups for 6v6 Season 23 are OPEN.
  • Sun, Dec 18 - 6v6 Rosters Unlock EOD
  • Wed, Jan 25 - 6v6 Season 23 begins
  • Season: 23
  • Number Match Weeks: 15