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A big congratulations to every team that made it to the playoffs! The playoff brackets are slowly being populated as Week 8 comes to a close. Once all matches have been accepted and disputes have been settled in your division I will start populating the bracket for your division. So please check back often. All brackets and schedules are projected to be out by Sunday July 20th at the latest. Remember that things need to move very quickly during the playoffs especially if your team is in a Double Elimation Bracket. The latest you can play Wednesday matches is Tuesday night. The latest you can play Lower Bracket Saturday matches is Sunday night.

Official Playoff Brackets

Map & Matchplay:­
- cp_granary
- Use server cfg: ugc_6v_standard.cfg
- Match Play:­ Standard Command Point maps are played in 2 halves. Halves will end when either the cap limit of 4 or the 30 min time limit is reached.­ The winner of the match is the first to score 5 total round wins or the team with the highest score after 2 halves. For more information on match play and scoring please continue reading the following ­forum news thread.

Reminders to Team Captains:­
- You are required to post in your Match Communications panel every week. Use the Match Comms to coordinate the match date, time, and server.­If you submit­a forfeit win and there are no entries in the match comm panel, then your match may not be accepted by admins.­
- Teams are not allowed to change the map under any circumstances­
- The winning Team Captain should report the match score as soon as the match is over

If you have any questions, please msg and admin in IRC (#ugc-tf2) or contact us via email located on our ­­­Support Page­ Good luck to all teams!

Good luck to all teams!

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Last Regular Season Week - All Unplayed Matches must be played by Saturday. July 18, 2014­@ 11:59pm EST. All Matches Report after this date will not be approve.



Headline Heroes



Snappe Gamer Enter

Kaapin Paikka

Old Sailor Man Clu

Pumping Iron.


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