The following files are required for servers used for matches in the Team Fortress 2 4v4 League.

Server Files

  UGC 4v4 Configs and Whitelist
UGC 4v4 Server Config Files and Whitelist
v.092216 whitelist, v.09216 configs
Updated on Sept 22, 2016
(version.091916 had syntax error in whitelist, please replace with this whitelist)

Install Instruction:
1. Left-click and save file as.
2. Unzip file
3. Upload file to you tf2 server. Place file in to your server cfg folder. Address of folder: */tf/cfg
4. Exec via rcon on server, choose one cfg to exec by Map type played:
or various overtime cfg if needed.
(See news for each week for proper config to use for each map.)

The Zip file contains all of the following server files:
item_whitelist_ugc_4v4.txt, ugc_4v_base.cfg, ugc_4v_custom.cfg, ugc_4v_golden.cfg, ugc_4v_koth.cfg, ugc_4v_koth_overtime.cfg, ugc_4v_standard.cfg, ugc_4v_standard_overtime.cfg, ugc_4v_stopwatch.cfg, ugc_off.cfg.

  UGC 4v4 Whitelist Only
Offical UGC 4v4 Whitelist
Whitelist v.09222016
Update on Sept 22, 2016
(previous version from Sept 19th had syntax error, please replace)

Install Instruction:
1. Right-click and save file as.
2. Upload Item whitelist to you tf2 server, into the same folder as your server cfg files.
The whitelist will load automatically when you execute the league server cfg file before each match.

Custom Maps

UGC 4v4 Custom Map Season
All Custom Maps used in UGC 4v4 Season 6
Files Contains:
Season 10 Week 1 Map

Season 10 Week 2 Map
Season 10 Week 3 Map

Season 10 Week 5 Map

Season 10 Week 6 Map
Season 10 Week 7 Map

Season 10 Week 8 Map

  • New Team Sign-Ups for 4v4 Season 9 are OPEN.
  • 4v4 Season 9 begins Sept 23, 2016
  • Fri, Sep 23 - Season 9 Begins
  • Season: 10
  • Number Match Weeks: 11
  • Team Max Players: 10