Sun, Aug 17, 2014 by Snowblindfrog

Congratulations to all of our Season 13­ Highlander champions! We had an amazing turn out this season with 602 teams participating in 1 or more matches.­Thank you to everyone for making this a fantastic season!

Platinum Champions
MenaceToSociety­ (North America)
Tipping Intensifies (Europe)
velox Ðestruo (AUS/NZ)



Platinum Runners Up
The Electric Temptations (North America)
Russia (Europe)
No Kids Here! (AUS/NZ)


NA Gold
1st Place - Toilet Goers
2nd Place - Getting technical

EU Gold
1st Place - Accurate Luck
2nd Place - imaginary ham absorption team

NA Silver
1st Place - Independent Fighters Alliance
2nd Place - blast

EU Silver
1st Place - Pub Heroes
2nd Place - Chessclub Junior

NA Steel
1st Place - Fetal Alchoheros
2nd Place - Disney Movie Princesses

EU Steel
1st Place - Mellivora capensis
2nd Place - Taco Cats

NA Iron
1st Place - Hoovy Lewis and the News
2nd Place - Untitled

EU Iron
1st Place - PubSt?r
2nd Place - ClockWork

South America
1st Place - Amplified Team
2nd Place - TiaLani e-Sports Gaming Team

1st Place - Velocity Destruction
2nd Place - Beer and Skittles

1st Place - Walaos 2014
2nd Place - Big Right Highlander

Mon, Aug 4, 2014 by Snowblindfrog

Congratulations to all teams that made it to the­­Grand Finals­ & ­3rd Place Run-off Matches! Official Playoff Brackets Final Matches are played Best of 3 Maps. Map 1


bonus! Points
Chill Penguins
Dunning-Kruger Effect
Kids Next Door
Taco Bell Bonanza
The Electric Temptations
Toilet Goers
Wu Tang Killa Bees

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