UGC Overwatch League Rules

Published on March 23, 2017   3:10 PM Eastern Time

Welcome: Introduction updated: Mon, 12/26/16


UGC Overwatch Season 3

This season's admins will be:
Snowblind#1570 (Head Admin)

Players can feel free to engage us directly on Battle Net, through our Forum or in Discord.

Below are the rules based on the current state of the game. The rules will be edited as needed should any gameplay or structure changes occur throughout the season. 

We look forward to your ongoing feedback as the season progresses. Best of luck!

General Rules updated: Thu, 3/23/17

(1.1) Season Format
-- Swiss format followed by a Finals
-- Default match night is Thursday
-- Default match time is 9:30pm EST for North America and 8:00pm (20:00) CEST/CEDT/CET for Europe
-- A playoff period will commence after the last week of the season. During playoffs there will be 2 matches per week (Thursday & Sunday) to accommodate a Double Elimination bracket structure.

(1.2) Match Comms
-- Team Leaders MUST utilize the Match Communications panel to coordinate all details of the match, including but not limited to the date/time to play the match and any possible ringers/mercs needed for the match.
-- Discussions through BattleNet are encouraged, but copies of these chats should be posted in the Match Comms. 
-- Thorough documentation of all discussions regarding your match will help admins in resolving any dispute that may arise.

-- Team Leaders can access the Match Comms from 2 locations:
a.) While logged in as a Team Leader: by clicking on Match List > View Match Details from your Team Leader Homepage.
b.) While logged in as a Player: by clicking on the yellow "Match Details" button on your Player Homepage.

(1.3) Rescheduling
-- Teams are welcome to play their matches on non match days but this must be agreed to in writing in the Match Comm panel by leaders on both teams.
-- Admins will never force a team to reschedule a match. If teams cannot agree on a reschedule date/time then the default date/time MUST be used. 
-- Please keep in mind that 95% of matches take place on the default day and time. If the default day/time is generally not convenient for your team then please consider not signing up your team.
-- Matches must be played and reported by Saturday 11:59pm (local time zone) each week.

(1.4) Player Eligibility
-- All players on a team must be listed on their team roster at least 18 hours prior to the agreed upon match date and time in order to be eligible to play.

(1.5) Out of Region players
-- Teams may have only 1 player from an outside region on their roster at a time.
-- Example: A North American team is allowed to have 1 European player on their roster.
-- No special accommodations will be made for the the out of region player. This includes (but is not limited to) moving the match to a more convenient time for the out of region player nor delaying/pausing the match because of high ping issues.
-- If the out of region player's ping is so high that they appear to be warping, the opposing team is permitted to order that player to leave. Contact an admin right away if this issue cannot be resolved.

(1.6) Unrostered Players (Ringers/Mercs)
-- If you need to use an unrostered player for any reason, written permission from the leader of your opponent team is required. This permission should be documented in the Match Comm panel.
-- Once a specific unrostered player has been approved in writing in the Match Comms, that player may participate in the entire match and cannot later be disputed.
-- Teams do not have to allow any unrostered players in the match if they do not want to and UGC Admins will never force a team to allow an unrostered player. 
-- Using an unrostered (and unapproved) player in your match will result in your team losing any points scored while that player was in the server (likely resulting in your team losing the match).
-- It is the responsibility of each team leader to check all players in the lobby from the other team prior to starting the match. Once the match has been started you are giving tacit approval that every aspect of the match (including all players in the lobby) are good to proceed.

(1.7) Sportsmanship - Good sportsmanship is an important part of this league and all teams should be treated with respect. UGC has a zero tolerance policy for toxicity and Admins have full discretion when handling complaints of such behavior. Infractions will result in your team being removed from the league.

Examples - Bad sportsmanship includes (but is not limited to) remarks that attack another player's ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or religion. Another example of poor sportsmanship is spawn camping while ignoring the map goals, such as camping the enemy spawn while ignoring the cart on a Escort map.

(1.8) Maps
Teams must play the map listed on the schedule page for each given week. Teams are not permitted to change the map for any reason.

(1.9) Reporting Scores
-- The winning team must report the final match score within 24 hours of match completion.

Casting and Spectating updated: Sun, 1/29/17

(2.1) Casting
---Casters must be approved by the UGC Admin staff ahead of time.
-- Matches must be cast through Twitch with a 90-sec stream delay.
(2.2) Spectating
-- Matches may not be spectated by any players for any reason (not even backup players on your roster waiting to sub in).
-- Inviting a spectator to your game will result in your team losing the match.
-- UGC Admins and approved casters are exempt from this rule.

(2.3) Streaming
-- Players are permitted to stream their matches via Twitch with a 90-second delay. Streamers must be playing in the match. Spectators are not allowed at any time.

(2.4) Recording of Matches
-- At least one player per team is required to record the match at a minimum of 480p resolution.
-- The recording can be done locally or can be a saved stream.
-- These recordings will be used in the event that there is a match dispute.
-- This rule will be in effect until Blizzard finishes and implements their own in-game recording system akin to demo recording in Source Engine games.

Match Configuration and Map Info updated: Fri, 2/3/17

(3.0) Game Version
--Every match must be played in the official version of Overwatch. Teams may not, under any circumstances, play their match in the Public Test Region (PTR) version of the game.

(3.1) General Settings
Matches must be played as a Custom Game with the following settings. Any settings not called out below must be left defaulted. Lobby settings can be viewed by all lobby members and must be verified by both teams before match start.

(3.2) Match Scoring

In Season 3, we will be playing 2 maps per week with a third map designated as a tie breaker. Each map won will count as 1 match point (regardless of the round scores). Possible match scores are 2-0, 2-1 or 1-0 (this can occur if 1 map is won and the other map ends in a draw). 

Example Week 1 match on Volskaya/Nepal + Ilios (TB):
Map 1 Volskaya: Team A attacks first and caps both points. Team B attacks second and caps only the first point. Team A wins this map and gets 1 match point.
Map 2 Nepal (played with Best of 5 setting): Team B wins the map 3-2 and gets 1 match point. Match is now tied 1-1. Proceed to tie breaker.
Tie breaker Ilios (played with Best of 1 setting): At then end of the round, Team A has captured the point and wins the map. Team A gets 1 additional match point and has won the match 2-1. 


(3.3) Map specific settings

Control Maps: Lijang Tower, Ilios, Nepal & Oasis
--Control Game Mode Format: Best of 5
--Control maps cannot end in a draw.

Escort: Dorado , Route 66 & Watchpoint: Gibraltar
Hybrid: Kings Row, Numbani, Hollywood, Eichenwalde
-- Time Bank (each team takes turns attacking and defending until one team's time bank is depleted)
-- It is possible for Escort & Hybrid maps to end in a tied result of 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 or 4-4, etc. However, the team that pushed the payload the furthest is designated as the winner by the game.
-- For hybrid maps (where the payload must be first unlocked), it's possible for the map to end in a 0-0 draw. In this case there will be no winner for the map.

Assault Maps: Hanamura, Temple of Anubis & Volskaya Industries
-- Time Bank (each team takes turns attacking and defending until one team's time bank is depleted)
-- Assault maps may end in a draw.

(3.4) Tie Breaker
-- Each week a tie breaker map will be designated for you. 
-- The tie breaker will always be played on a Control map with the Best of 1 setting enabled.
-- The team that holds the capture at the end of the 1 round will be the winner of the match. 

(3.5) Forfeits and Bye Weeks
-- Forfeit Wins will count as +0.5 to the Wins and Games Played categories on your rank.
-- Forfeit Losses will count as +0.5 to the Losses and Games Played categories on your rank.
-- Byes will count as +0.5 to the Wins and Games Played categories on your rank.
-- No Round Points (For or Against) will be awarded for Forfeits and Byes.

Required Documentation for Matches updated: Sun, 1/29/17

(4.1) Lobby Leader Responsibilities
-- By default, the Lobby Leader is the Team Leader of the Home Team.
-- The Lobby Leader is responsible for setting up the Custom Game in accordance with UGC rules (see Section 2 above).
-- The Lobby Leader is required to provide a screenshot showing that Team Leaders from both teams agree (via in-game chat) to the settings being used for the Custom Game.
-- Remember, once you agree to begin the game you are giving agreement that the lobby is setup correctly and that all connected players are approved to play in the match.
-- These screenshots will be the only evidence the Lobby Leader has in a dispute.
-- Failure to submit these images (when requested by an admin for a dispute) may result in a loss for the Lobby Leader's team.

Player Disconnects updated: Sun, 1/29/17

(5.1) Player Disconnects
In the event that a player disconnects from the game, that player is permitted to rejoin the game at any time. This applies to disconnects that occur both before and after the round setup time. In the event that the original player is unable to reconnect, a substitute player from the roster is permitted to join the game at any time. Any player from the opposing team can quickly verify the substitute's identity by checking the players Name, Level and Competitive Rank from the Lobby screen. These 3 pieces of info can be compared against the opposing team's UGC roster page or against the player's UGC profile page (in the event that they are an approved ringer).