Season 10 Week 3 - Grand Finals!

Tue, Apr 4, 2017 by Bonesaw

Congratulations to all teams that made it to the­­ Grand Finals­ & ­3rd Place Run-off MatchesFinal Matches are played Best of 3 Maps (each map is played as 1 half only)

  • Map 1: Home Team picks Map 1, Visiting Team picks starting color on Map 1 - Map is played on Home Team's server.
  • Map 2: Visiting Team picks Map 2, Home Team picks starting color on Map 2 - Map is played on Visiting Team's server.
  • Map 3: If a Tiebreaker is needed, Teams will play koth_product_rc8 and Home Team picks starting color - Map is played on Home Team's server.

Remember that during the Grand Finals - Best of 3 we play each map a little differently than we did during the regular season. Please read below.

  1. KOTH Maps - Played to 3 wins. This map type cannot be tied.
  2. CP Maps - Played to 4 wins or highest score after 30 minutes.­­This map type can be tied after 30 minutes. If this occurs then you MUST play 1 additional Overtime round to determine the winner of the map. Whichever team caps all the points first in the OT round will be declared the winner of that map. ­If neither team manages to capture all points during the first OT round, a second special OT round is to be played. In this round, whichever team caps the center CP first wins the game. Note: This ONLY occurs if a 2nd OT round is actually needed.
  • Only maps played in regular season or playoffs of the current season can be picked.


  • Each map win counts as 1 point
  • Possible scores are: 2-1 or 2-0
  • Please post the map list you played and the scores per map in the Match Writeup box when you submit the scores.
  • Matches without Match Comms and Match Writeup with detailed map scores (and maps played) will not be accepted!

Reminder: Sign-ups for new teams are now OPEN!  You can send in your applications to create your new teams for next season today!

Pun of the Day: A friend of mine tried to annoy me with bird puns, but I soon realized that toucan play at that game.

Good luck and Have Fun!
UGC 4vs4 Admin

  • Season 14 -New Team Sign-Ups for 4v4 are Closed
  • Season 14 - Week 1 Matches are on May 25th
  • Roster Player Limit: 10
  • Fri, May 25 - 4v4 Season 14 Week 1 Matches
  • Season: 14
  • Number Match Weeks: 11
  • Team Max Players: 10