4 vs 4 Season 10 Winners!

Wed, Apr 12, 2017 by Bonesaw

Wednesday April 12th, 2017

And so another season of 4s comes to a close.  Great job to all the teams that played this season and here are our winners and the runner-ups!

North America Gold:

1st Place: Mankut Experience

2nd Place: Banana Boat

3rd Place: team soldier

North America Silver:

1st Place: Pause Reality

2nd Place: The Squad

3rd Place: captain beefheart and his magic band

Europe Silver:

1st Place: safyo

2nd Place: P R O M B O Y S

3rd Place: Rush Plant Banana

North America Steel:

1st Place: Strawberry Mango 4v

2nd Place: ted and the teddettes

3rd Place: Champ.gg K!

Europe Steel:

1st Place: Backup Dancers

2nd Place: MGE me mum

3rd Place: Toxic Trash

Australia/New Zealand:

1st Place: 4 The Medal

2nd Place: Doggio Division

3rd Place: No more than 4


1st Place: Edelweiss

2nd Place: AlienCon

3rd Place: Colon Three

Sign-ups are currently open!

The next season begins on the 17th of May so be sure to sign-up before that!

Remember that you can only have 10 people at most on your roster, no exceptions so be mindful of how many roster riders you have.

Thank you for another great season and we're looking forward to seeing you for Season 11!


UGC 4vs4 Admin

  • Season 14 -New Team Sign-Ups for 4v4 are Closed
  • Season 14 - Week 1 Matches are on May 25th
  • Roster Player Limit: 10
  • Fri, May 25 - 4v4 Season 14 Week 1 Matches
  • Season: 14
  • Number Match Weeks: 11
  • Team Max Players: 10