S22 Champions!

Sun, Dec 18, 2016 by doppel

Congratulations to all of our Season 22 6v6 champions! Thank you to everyone for making this a fantastic season!

Platinum Champions
the boys (NA)
Systematic Chaos (EU)

Platinum Runners Up
Pretty Little Gangsters (NA)
bedseekers (EU)

Platinum Bronze
Arm-sized thumbs (NA)
Dr Meddl (EU)

NA Silver
1st Place - The Skele_Knight Experience
2nd Place - g00n
3rd Place - Lethal Voltage

NA Steel
1st Place - Garbage Menn
2nd Place - Six Guys Burgers and Spies
3rd Place - throyotech

EU Steel
1st Place - Madvillainy
2nd Place - [N-B]
3rd Place - Bear Naked Baby Lady

AUS/NZ Steel
1st Place - Team :B1:
2nd Place - Mass Hysteria
3rd Place - Seven

Asia Steel
1st Place - Epic Erased Club
2nd Place - MaJiaMi
3rd Place - Edelweiss


The site will soon be rolled over to Season 23 and rosters, division changes, team name changes and time zone changes are all now unlocked!

- doppel
UGC Head Admin

  • New Team Sign-Ups for 6v6 Season 23 are OPEN.
  • 6v6 Season 23 8 Regular Season weeks, 3 Playoff Weeks.
  • Sat, Dec 17 - New Team Sign-Ups for 6v6 Season 23 are OPEN.
  • Sun, Dec 18 - 6v6 Rosters Unlock EOD
  • Wed, Jan 25 - 6v6 Season 23 begins
  • Tue, Jan 31 - 6v6 Season 23 Sign-ups close
  • Tue, Mar 7 - 6v6 Rosters Lock EOD
  • Wed, Mar 22 - 6v6 S23 Playoffs Begin
  • Season: 23
  • Number Match Weeks: 15