6v6 Season 24 - Get READY!

Sat, May 6, 2017 by doppel

Get Ready For Season 24!

Important Dates
Wednesday, May 17th - Week 1 of 6v6 Season 23
Thursday, May 23rd - 6v6 Sign-ups Close
Tuesday, June 27th - UGC Fulltime Rosterlock
Wednesday, July 12th - Playoffs Start

Season Format
This seasons format will feature 8 regular weeks with 4 weeks of playoffs (3 playoff weeks and Grand Finals). All divisions will be participating in top 8 double-elimination playoffs this season (including Asia). There will be a fulltime rosterlock before the default match day of Week 7.

Team Placements
Teams are actively being placed. Guidelines will be more fluid this season for North America to better spread our teams across the three divisions. This means that divisions will be divided based on the experience of the teams in those divisions, and not the rigid guidelines we have used previously. This requires a lot of work and will likely result in many adjustments so please be patient and work with me if you have any concerns. If your team is not yet placed into a skill division please submit a division change request from your leader panel.

Reminder to All New and Returning Teams
After you have been placed into a division and have at least 6 players on your roster, don't forget to set your team to Ready in your leader panel to be scheduled for matches!

Season Medals
All players will receive a participation medal assuming they were rostered on a team for a majority of the season. Regional divisions and NA Platinum will receive placement medals for top 3 teams.

Map Rotation
Maps have been posted. We will not be in alignment with any other leagues' map rotations this season due to the difference in starting dates.

We will continue to participate in the global whitelist. We participated in the whitelist discussion with the other leagues and an official release will be posted in the next week. All I can say for now is that there will be changes.

Chat Support
Our league's Chat Support is held over the Discord application.
If you are logged in as a player or leader, this support option is on your menu. We've also embedded the Discord widget on this page. For more details please visit this forum thread.

Support Tickets
If you have an issue that requires admin attention, please use our support ticket system. Players who login via Steam can submit a ticket as well as leaders who login with a special leader username/password. The ticket system can be located in the Support Menu once you login as a player or a leader.

Thank You and Good Luck!
- doppel
UGC Head Admin

  • 6v6 Season 27 Signups Open March 18th.
  • 6v6 Season 27 Starts May 23rd.
  • Sun, Mar 18 - 6v6 S27 Signups Open
  • Wed, May 23 - 6v6 S27 First Match
  • Sun, Jun 3 - 6v6 S27 Signups Close
  • Sun, Jul 15 - 6v6 S27 Rosters Lock
  • Wed, Jul 25 - 6v6 S27 Playoffs Begin
  • Season: 27
  • Number Match Weeks: 8