Gaben's Gibus Army

Joined Jan 23, 2014

Team Status: Inactive

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TF2 4vs4 - Steel N.Amer

Team Timezone: East

Team Description:
Gaben had a problem. He was losing TF2 to the gaming community and their sick obsession with collecting hats and playing dress-up in a M-rated shooter. "What can I possibly do?" Gaben often found himself pondering. Then, one night in October of 2011 AD, he found the solution -- He created a hat so hideous and so easy to get, and forced every player who came into contact with it to hold it in their inventory until the end of time. Thus, the Gibus was born. Years later though, the Gibus alone was not enough, as players still obsessed over hats more than their actual skill. Gaben needed players to don the Gibus, and troll the players who assumed that their hats represented their skills. Thus, Gaben's Gibus Army was born! "Go forth," Gaben told them. "Go forth and show them to judge people not on the content of their backpacks, but on the content of their character!" We are Gaben's Gibus Army. We are small, though our presence is large. We appear weak, though our strength is greater than that of every unusual wearing player combined. We are more than an army -- We are Gaben's personal army, created for no cause other than TF2's reckoning. Brace yourselves -- We are about to blow your hats off.

Match Record
Season Division W-L
Season 1 Silver N.Amer 0-4

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Leader - (Jan 24, 2014 - Apr 22, 2014)
Leader - (Jan 24, 2014 - Apr 22, 2014)
  Patches Petunias
Leader - (Jan 24, 2014 - Apr 22, 2014)
  Ghostman Clyde
Member - (Jan 24, 2014 - Apr 22, 2014)
  dildo shaggins
Member - (Jan 26, 2014 - Apr 22, 2014)

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